May 29, 2019

Dr. Scott Zack explains when to see a chiropractor

Primary care provider Dr. Scott Zack reveals when a visit to a qualified chiropractor may be in order. Well beyond treating severe back and neck pain, qualified chiropractors are further highly skilled in addressing all manner of health and wellness complaints, from headaches and migraines to reduced mobility and impaired cognitive function.┬áDr. Scott Zack, a […]

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May 22, 2019

Dr. Scott P. Zack Reveals Surprising Conditions Treatable with Chiropractics

Oakland County chiropractor Dr. Scott P. Zack reveals three common conditions little-known to be treatable with chiropractic care. From inner-ear issues to carpal tunnel syndrome, chiropractic care is today widely used to treat a number of conditions not directly tied to neck and back pain, traditionally the most common reasons for seeking the help of […]

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May 10, 2019

Dr. Scott Zack presents latest chiropractic Medicare updates

  Chiropractor Dr. Scott Zack addresses this year’s chiropractic Medicare updates and how they’re affecting both patients and practitioners. Effective since the beginning of the year, the latest chiropractic Medicare updates include relaxed documentation requirements and an amendment to the Medicare participation status change period. Experienced Michigan-based chiropractor┬áDr. Scott Zackprovides a closer look at the […]

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