Scott P. Zack: Things to Keep in Mind When Crafting the Perfect Copy for your Blog

Scott Zack Michigan

November 26, 2018

Scott P. Zack - Featured Blog

Scott P. Zack: Things to Keep in Mind When Crafting the Perfect Copy for your Blog

Scott P. Zack - Blog Writing Tips

Scott P. Zack – Blog Writing Tips

Scott P. Zack, a blogging expert, it often helps to have a content plan in mind when creating a catchy and attention-grabbing copy.

Not all copy is created equal. In fact, there’s quite a great disparity between websites that publish quality articles and those that do nothing more than polluting the internet with the pointless dribble. It used to be that blogs were written to inform and entertain, and while those functions still exist, blogging and copywriting, in general, is now a marketing tool used to drive traffic to a certain website. But this only works if the copy is crisp, clean and purposeful; something that not all blogs these days can pull off. Which brings us to the purpose of this article. Below, with the help of Scott P. Zack, we’re going to take a look at some things to keep in mind when crafting perfect copy.


Make Every Word Count

According to Scott P. Zack, one of the main mistakes that novice copywriters make is that they fill their articles with superfluous text. Good copy should be concise and hard-hitting. Every word should contribute something to the message. If it’s not adding anything to the article – cut it.


Headlines Should be Compelling

When it comes to writing headlines of your blog posts, articles or landing pages, they should be snappy, to the point and compelling. And, according to Scott P. Zack, they should also encourage your reader to want to read further. Your headline is the first thing a reader sees and if it’s not compelling enough, they might not read further.


Scott P. Zack Says “Ditch the Fancy Words”

“For many writers, writing copy is a self-indulgent process.” Scott P. Zack says. “They want to impress people that they know how to manipulate language and have some very big, flowery words memorized.” It’s important to ditch this. If large, complicated words are getting in the way of delivering meaning and message, they have to go. The copy is not a Shakespearean sonnet and should be as straightforward as possible.


Have a Content Plan

Before you start an article ensure that you have a content plan in place. This will help you structure every article you write and make it more coherent, and will also mean that the content you publish follows a general trend, creating a narrative throughout your website or blog.

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