Scott Zack Michigan Chiropractor Discusses the 3 Signs that it’s Time to See a Chiropractor

Scott Zack Michigan

February 18, 2021

Many people wait until they injure their neck or back before they call a chiropractor, but there are many other health problems that can be addressed with proper chiropractic care says Dr. Scott Zack Michigan chiropractor. Your spinal alignment affects every other part of your body, and caring for that alignment can improve not just neck and back pain, but your overall health. Let’s go over four of the lesser-known signs that it’s time to check in with a chiropractor.

1. If You Have Limited Range of Motion, See a Chiropractor Says Scott Zack Michigan Chiropractor

If you are experiencing difficulty moving and completing your normal everyday activities – like bending to do laundry or tying your shoes – it might be time for a visit to the chiropractor. Often this kind of limitation can be caused by stiffness and repetition.

If you sit in your chair for eight hours a day and then move to the couch to relax and watch TV, you’re likely not using your muscles to their full extent, explains Scott Zack Michigan chiropractor. This can make them stiff and uncomfortable. Over time, your muscles get locked in this position, limiting your range of motion.

2. Frequent Migraines Mean It’s Time to Make an Appointment

Migraines can be caused by a variety of negative stimulation says Dr. Scott Zack Michigan chiropractor. Eye strain, bright lights, tension in your neck, shoulders, and jaws – all of these can contribute to debilitating headaches. But improper spinal alignment is one of the leading causes of migraines.

When your spine is not properly aligned, it pulls on your muscles, making them tight. It also causes disruptions in circulation and pinches nerves – all of which can cause bad headaches. If you’re suffering from migraines more than a few times a year, you should see a chiropractor and have an adjustment performed.

3. You Suffered a Traumatic Accident

Traumatic injuries caused by accidents like car wrecks, falling down the stairs, or flying over the handlebars of your bike can all cause major injuries to your spine and musculature, Injuries to the neck and back especially can cause chronic pain for years afterward, especially if it’s not properly treated.

Chiropractic care helps your body learn how to heal, says Scott Zack Michigan alignment expert. When your body is traumatized, it tends to lock up and hold the shape of that trauma in an attempt to lessen your pain.

For instance, when you get whiplash and your neck muscles lock up from inflammation and shock. Over time, your body learns to compensate to keep you from feeling pain, but that worsens your pain in the long run because it pulls your other muscles and joints out of alignment.

The sooner you start chiropractic care after a traumatic accident, the better says Scott Zach Michigan resident and chiropractor.