Scott Zack Michigan Leveraging Business Acumen to Promote Chiropractic

Scott Zack Michigan

January 4, 2021

Scott Zack Michigan

Creating Healthy Chiropractic Businesses with Effective Administration

Scott Zack Michigan is a well-known chiropractor and a supporter of the profession, leveraging his business acumen to improve the quality of life for patients and practitioners alike. He is helping fellow chiropractors strengthen their practices through effective business administration.

Scott Zack Michigan notes the importance of building a team of business advisors. This includes leveraging the skills and insights of accountants, tax preparers, lawyers and insurance agents to formulate best practices and risk mitigation strategies. Including specialists in decision-making can improve strategies and the execution of business plans.

Similarly, Scott Zack Michigan highlights the importance of accounting and bookkeeping processes. Establishing bookkeeping tasks, such as billing and financial statement preparation, is critical for maintaining a chiropractic practice and measuring its successes and failures. Without efficient accounts payable, insurance invoicing or tax return preparation, chiropractic businesses are likely to struggle regardless of the service practitioners provide to patients.

Quality assurance and the digitization of medical records play an important role in the success of chiropractic businesses. Scott Zack Michigan is a proponent of process excellence, six sigma and lean business practices, because an office that runs efficiently provides better care to patients and is more profitable over the long run. This includes storing medical records and confidential records according to industry document retention standards.

Effective human resources policies, including hiring and screening employees, is critical for maintaining a healthy chiropractic business. Scott Zack Michigan also notes that the customer experience is critical when patients decide to return to an office. At each customer touch point, front office staff and chiropractors must focus on patients and their well-being. This can include the user experience where patients schedule appointments over the phone or online.

Business administration may not be taught in detail during a chiropractor’s formal education, but it is nevertheless important and should be a part of a chiropractor’s preparation for professional practice. Taking coursework in business is an option. Establishing a business plan, though, is likely one of the most critical aspects of running a business successfully.

Scott Zack Michigan is a well-known chiropractor and spine specialist supporting the vitality of the profession with his experience and business acumen. He is a strong proponent of effective business planning to help chiropractors and their patients improve their quality of life.