Scott Zack Michigan Marks Another Successful Year in Chiropractics

Scott Zack Michigan

December 18, 2020

Scott Zack Michigan

Chiropractor Scott Zack Michigan of West Bloomfield finishes another successful year in the field.

Throughout this year, Michigan-based chiropractor Dr. Scott Zack, from the Detroit metropolitan area charter township of West Bloomfield in Oakland County, has spoken extensively on the benefits of chiropractic care, the latest research surrounding chiropractics, key chiropractic qualifications and training, and much more. Finishing up 2019, Dr. Zack is thankful for another successful year in the profession centered around the diagnosis and successful treatment of mechanical disorders of the body’s musculoskeletal system.

In addition to covering chiropractic care benefits, the latest research into the profession, and key chiropractic qualifications, this year, Scott Zack Michigan has also discussed the chiropractic referral process, uncovered ties between chiropractic care and improved sleep, as well as reflected on rapid growth in the chiropractic care market.

In March, Dr. Zack discussed the rapid growth forecast for the U.S. chiropractic care market – something which he would again later turn to in discussing plans to include chiropractic treatment under the military’s TRICARE program.

In September, Scott Zack Michigan started counting down the day to National Chiropractic Month, held annually every October. Supporting Medicare equality, educating the public, and prompting those in need of help to make an appointment with a chiropractor, according to the initiative’s organizers, National Chiropractic Month is also important as it benefits the U.S. economy. “Back and neck pain episodes in America result in as much as a $100 billion drain on the economy every year currently, mostly due to costs associated with reduced productivity and lost wages,” said Scott Zack Michigan at the time.

From that point, Scott Zack Michigan has gone on to outline a new bill set to revolutionize chiropractic Medicare coverage, has explored an AMA study into the efficacy of chiropractic care, examined the latest AJMC report on access to chiropractic medicine, and further explored the Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act of 2019.

From his office in the Oakland County charter township of West Bloomfield, situated within the Detroit metropolitan area, Scott Zack Michigan has also looked, in detail, into the previously mentioned potential plans to include chiropractic treatment under the military’s TRICARE program, often considered the gold standard for medical coverage.

“It’s been another successful year,” adds Scott Zack Michigan, “both for myself and for the chiropractic profession in the U.S. as a whole, and I look forward to what’s to come during 2020 and beyond.”